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Koolpak Tumble The Tiger Instant Cold Pack

Koolpak Tumble The Tiger Instant Cold Pack

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Instantly activated packs provide swift relief from bruises, bumps and more

  • Rapid relief from pain and swelling caused by injuries
  • Exceptional at treating everyday bumps and bruises
  • Helps to soothe pain caused by headaches
  • Activated instantly, simply squeeze and shake
  • Fun design helps to turn tears into smiles
  • Single use easily disposable packs
  • 5 Boxes - 2 Cold Packs per box
  • All Koolpak Instant Cold Packs are fully compliant with the Medical Devices Directive, unlike many other products on the market.
  • To be used for therapeutic purposes Instant Cold Packs must be certified as Class IIa medical devices and accredited to ISO9001: 2016 and ISO13485: 2016. as required by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).
  • If an Instant Cold Pack does not show a CE mark and authority number then it is NOT suitable for medical or therapeutic use.
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HC0163 - Tumble The Tiger Instant Cold Pack

Dimensions 120 x 140mm
Pack Qty 10 Cold Packs
1 - 9 £11.50
10+ £11.10

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