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Here at IcePacks4Less, we are dedicated to offering you the widest and best selection of injury treatments and therapy products we can. If there is something that we do not currently offer that you would like to see on the site, please email us at newproducts@icepacks4less.co.uk

HSE Compliant First Aid Kits & Refills

Guarantee compliance with the recommended contents as set out in HSE guidance

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Wallace Cameron BS8599-1 First Aid Kit

Supplied in a robust and innovative Wallace Cameron case

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Wallace Cameron Van & Truck First Aid Kit

The compact and light kit is ideal for stowing in vehicles

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Bum Bag First Aid Kit

Makes carrying first aid supplies easy when on the move

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Evolution Burn Stop Kits

Includes fast acting, quick relief burns essentials

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Koolpak Holders

A simple solution for administering hot and cold therapy products

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Koolpak Heat Patch

Special offer - buy today for the lowest price on the market. Valid until stock lasts

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Koolpak Kool Patch

Special offer - buy today for the lowest price on the market. Valid until stock lasts

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Koolpak Moist Heat Pack

Powerful dual action heat therapy offers pain relief to soft tissue injuries

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KoolBead Reusable Hot & Cold Pack

Flexible gel bead technology distributes hot or cold temperature

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Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes

Dermatologically tested all-in-one wipes with combined disinfectant and detergent action

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Cederroth Plaster Dispensers

Pilferproof design reduces unnecessary wastage

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Handy Sports First Aid Kit

Designed specifically for personal use

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Koolpak Instant Hot Packs Bulk Buy

Best Selling Koolpak Instant Hot Packs in bulk quantities

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Sterowash Eye Wash Pods

0.9% saline solution is ideal for eye irrigation & wound washing

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Eye Wash Pod Station

Place in areas where there is a risk of eye contamination

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Value Aid Eye Dressings

Absorbent wound pad protects the eye from infection

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GDPR Compliant Accident Book

Compliant with GDPR and ideal for any school, workplace or sports facility where accidents may occur

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Value Aid Non-Woven Triangular Bandages

Versatile bandaging solution for a range of applications

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CoolTherm Burn Relief Gel Dressing

Absorbs thermal energy to effectively cool the skin

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Burnfree Gel Sachets

Ideal for treating minor burns to fingers and hands

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Steroplast Assorted Sterile Plasters

A selection of high quality plasters from Steroplast

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Fabric Sterile Plasters

Tough fabric construction is ideal for heavy duty applications

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CareBag VOM Vomit Bags

An essential addition to day trip provisions

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Koolpak Reusable Hot & Cold Pack with Elasticated Strap

The integrated elasticated strap makes it simple to apply compression therapy to any part of the body

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Pink Washproof Sterile Plasters

Water resistant plasters keep wounds dry and clean

£4.30 More Info