A selection of our bestselling essential sterile plasters in various materials, ideal for adding to first aid kits and for carrying with you.

Value Aid Assorted Sterile Plasters

Ideal for everyday use and for replenishing first aid reserves and kits

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Plaster Dispensers

Economical plaster dispenser – a range of refills are available

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Patch Natural Bamboo Plasters

Patch Natural Bamboo Plasters help to protect and heal minor cuts and abrasions while being kind to the environment

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Cederroth Plaster Dispensers

Pilferproof design reduces unnecessary wastage

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Blister Treatment

Products designed to prevent and treat blisters

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Steroplast Assorted Sterile Plasters

A selection of high quality plasters from Steroplast

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Fabric Sterile Plasters

Tough fabric construction is ideal for heavy duty applications

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Pink Washproof Sterile Plasters

Water resistant plasters keep wounds dry and clean

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