Therapy For Ankles

The ankle is a very commonly injured point in many sports, but is much less likely to be treated than knee injuries. Choose from our range of Cold Therapy products including, Instant Ice Packs and Reusable Gel packs which can be used in conjunction with our Ankle Braces which are advised to be worn to help reduce pain and speed up recovery.

Koolpak Standard Reusable Hot & Cold Pack

Ideal for soft tissue injuries (cold) or ongoing chronic injuries (hot)

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Koolpak Deluxe Reusable Hot & Cold Pack

The high-quality internal gel can be reheated and frozen repeatedly

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Koolpak Original Instant Ice Packs

Our best-selling instant ice packs - simply squeeze and shake to activate

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Medichill Cool Cubes

Unique cellular design can be cut to size making them perfect for any soft tissue injury

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Koolpak Kids Instant Cold Packs

Compact size is ideal for adding to first aid kits and taking on trips

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Koolpak Sport Instant Ice Packs

Squeeze and shake to activate - packs become ice cold in seconds

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